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    Two years ago my Mind, Body & Soul was a complete mess, then I heard about doTERRA!


    I was already diffusing store brand Essential Oils for their “Scents”! I had never heard of doTERRA, and when I was told they could help me with my Health Issues....let’s just say I was the Biggest Skeptic!


    I did due diligence and researched everything I could find on them, read reviews, talked to people that used them and still I couldn’t pull the plug to sign up! I was still thinking that this all sounded too good to be true, how can these oils fix me the way they were saying they could??


    I had been sick for about 5 years, a miss-diagnosis, that ended up with me being prescribed medications for something I did not even have and ultimately led to a surgery that I should of had 5 years previous!


    The Meds took their toll on my health and ultimately led to me having to add many more medications and really high doses, I was a complete mess and was now Toxic from all the meds! I was ready to try just about anything and in the end doTERRA was just going to be another thing I was going to try, how wrong was I!


    I took the leap and got my Membership and my oils arrived and little did I know back then just how Life Changing this journey would turn out to be!


    Fast forward two years and I am now Medication Free! I no longer need medications, for pain, for sleep, for my stomach, for my mind, for Anything!

    I could finally say good bye to all the things that were supposed to help me and yet caused me so many problems with their side effects!


    I am Healthier, Happier and more than Excited to share these products with EVERYONE and ANYONE that is willing to listen to me!!! These products have Literally changed my life and the lives of +8 million people so far......that is Nuts, but awesome at the same time.


    Your Journey starts HERE



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